Certificazione ISO 14001:2015
The ISO 14001 Certification Elezinco Srl has recently obtained the ISO 14001 certification, as security and attention to the environment are […]

The ISO 14001 Certification

Nichelatura lucida e opaca Elezinco
• Nickel plating is one of the galvanic treatments carried out within Elezinco Srl • The Nickel plating of a metallic […]

The Nickel plating

Zincatura Azienda Elezinco
• The Zincing, electrolytic process through which a material is coated with Zinc • Zincing is achieved by immersing the […]

The Zincing

Nichel Free Prodotti Elezinco
•Elezinco and the Nickel Free• • We of Elezinco Srl, for some time now we are able to guarantee our […]

The Nickel Free

Cromatura Azienda Elezinco
• Chromium is the application of a Chrome Flash on a Nickel Lucid Electrodeposition • • Chromium, increases corrosion resistance […]

The Chromium

Ottonatura Azienda Elezinco
• Brass plating is a nickel or copper brass electrodeposition • Elezinco Srl’s brass fittings are located in the latest factory, […]

The Brass Plating