The Copper Plating

• The Copper Plating is a process that allows a copper layer to be applied to an object, galvanically.

The Copper plating process is very important in every phase of galvanizing.Both as anchoring and as surface improvement.

Ramatura Elezinco

Copper plating Elezinco



• A place of great importance,in the industrial cycles of protection of ferrous materials, is covered by the copper plating

• In addition to having a decorative look, Ramatura is used primarily as an intermediate layer. It is made between the base metal and the final treatment.

• This is to ensure greater metal sealability, especially in the case of a subsequent nickel plating.

The plants within Elezinco Srl are both in Frame and Drum galvanizing 

• The machines for the copper plating are of the latest generation and fully automated in all stages of machining. 

• Are coordinated, up to the final drying stage, from the best field equipment.Always under the specific control of specialized manpower.

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