Ottonatura Azienda Elezinco
• Brass plating is a nickel or copper brass electrodeposition • Elezinco Srl’s brass fittings are located in the latest factory, where […]

The Brass Plating

Ramatura Azienda Elezinco
• The Copper Plating is a process that allows a copper layer to be applied to an object, galvanically. The Copper plating […]

The Copper Plating

Nichelatura lucida elezinco
• Shiny Nickel Plating • •The  Shiny Nickel Plating is an electrodeposition of glossy nickel for decorative purposes • Shiny Nickel Plating  – […]

Shiny Nickel Plating

Nichelatura Opaca Elezinco
• Matt Nickel Plating • •The Matt nickel Plating, is an electrodeposition of semi-glossy nickel for decorative purposes •      Matt Nickel […]

Matt Nickel Plating

Elezinco Srl
The Website is Online! • The new Website Elezinco • → Reorganized in the light of transparent, clear and effective communication → Available at […]


The ISO 9001 Certification The Elezinco Srl has got the ISO 9001 Certification.   With this certification, we guarantee to […]

The ISO 9001 Certification