The Chromium

Chromium is the application of a Chrome Flash on a Nickel Lucid Electrodeposition

Chromium Elezinco


• Chromium, increases corrosion resistance and, at the same time, promotes adhesion of the coating.•

To do this, the surface is first cleaned from any residue. Only then is it covered with an inorganic layer of Chrome.

• This decorative workmanship is used for particular interior and exterior •

•The result of Chromium is a shiny, polished mirror, and remains unchanged over time.•

• This type of workmanship therefore means coating the metal with a thin layer of chromium in order to protect it from drizzle and rust. The final result will make it shiny and brilliant with a so-called “mirror” effect.•

If you want to protect a metal product, whatever it is, chrome is what you need

• Chrome Pearl Finishes

This workmanship has a protective function in metal oxidation and corrosion, with the advantage of offering chromed details a finish that makes them aesthetically elegant and clean over time.

• Chroming can be performed on:





Chromium Pearl, too, has purely decorative purpose

The result of this process is a pearl-shiny effect.

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