The ISO 14001 Certification

– The ISO 14001 Certification –

Elezinco Srl has recently obtained the ISO 14001 certification;

 as security and attention to the environment are indispensable elements for the industrial world.

Elezinco for the Enviroment

With this ISO 14001 Certification, the Company demonstrates its commitment to:

The ISO 14001 Certification


A • Limit pollution.

B • Comply with legal and other applicable requirements.

C • Continually improve your environmental management system to improve,in the global sense, its environmental performance. “


With this ISO 14001 certification, ELEZINCO Srl wants to formalize what it is its MISSION COMPANY with regard to the Environment.

The sector of galvanic industry, for its characteristics and processes, has always been the subject of regulatory and media attention on this subject.

The ISO 14001 Certification

From this point of view, ELEZINCO SRL, since its foundation, is attentive to the respect of the laws in force, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

To confirm this great attention to the environment, Elezinco Srl has thus achieved the ISO 14001 Certification


“We believe it is crucial to continue investing resources to develop a more sustainable and cost-effective production process for the environment.”


Our environmentally-friendly processes are always of high quality, as confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification.

Elezinco Srl, has already obtained this Certification regarding the QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS.