The Quality

 Elezinco , Quality and Optimization

In order to increase production and improve product characteristics, in the Elezinco Srl has been set up the Corporate Quality Management System.


Certificato Dimitto Elezinco



This management system operates in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 (and 2008) standards and has also been certified in January 2003

• The company’s commitment is to ensure the value of its products.



• The Quality Laboratory is equipped to carry out the tests :

 Qualità Elezinco

        → corrosion resistance in salt mist

        → X-ray carrying measurements

        → coulombometric method

        → magnetic method



• The Company is equipped to carry out its internal analysis of galvanic baths 


Laboratorio Qualità Elezinco

Compare them systematically with your suppliers .

The laboratory is also equipped to analyze the compliance of electrolytic deposits .

All this is possible thanks to a continuous awareness and constant training of all employees to the current market needs .


 Full customer satisfaction has always been the target of Elezinco .