The chromium Tropical hexavalent  passivation has been replaced

Replacing the chromium tropical hexavalent Passivation

The chromium Tropical hexavalent  passivation has been replaced with the tropical Trivalent passivation.

 tropical hexavalent Passivation


This is one of the novelties that we talked about in the article above. Is due to environmental restrictions on the use of hexavalent chromium, based on the permissions granted to REACH our suppliers by ECHA (European Organisation for the use and procurement of materials to list REACH).

Tropical trivalent passivation


These restrictions, fall Cascades also on our company as final user.

For this reason, we offer to our customers to replace the tropical white trivalent passivate hexavalent, with a trivalent passivation or with a yellow passivation.


Our target is to always satisfy the needs of our customers; without forgetting the respect for all the environment.

We also remember that the Elezinco Srl is certified to the ISO 14001 (environmental law).



We are waiting to show you the quality of our work and the quality of the materials we use. All accompanied by a knowledgeable workforce with decades of experience in the world of electroplating.

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